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Jefferson County International Airport

March 28th, 2016 by bluegullinn

Jefferson County International Airport

Jefferson County International Airport is located approximately four miles southwest of Port Townsend, between State Routes 19 and 20, with the driving entrance from Route 19.  This general aviation airport has a single 3,000 foot east-west runway.

Jefferson County International Airport

Jefferson County International Airport

Jefferson County International Airport. If Port Townsend is your first stop when traveling from Canada or another nation, you are required to clear U.S. Customs as soon as you arrive. Call 360-460-6857, to schedule a clearance appointment.  When you land, you are required to proceed to the Customs waiting area, where the inspector will meet you.  In order to avoid delays, you should contact the local U.S. Customs office at least one hour prior to your arrival.

The U.S. Customs waiting area is at the east end of the ramp for your privacy, and there are signs directing you there.  The yellow sign with the arrow is located on the left side of the south taxiway, and points you toward the east end of the ramp, adjacent to the helicopter landing zone.  Please remain at the waiting area until the Customs officer clears you to proceed.  Aircraft may not land at any private airstrips until the aircraft has been cleared into the United States by a Customs officer at a designated airport.

For general information, including import restrictions, please link to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection web site.


Noise Abatement Procedures

Pilots know best how to operate their aircraft so that they create the least amount of noise.

These recommended procedures are not meant to interfere with safety, good judgment, FAA rules, or with techniques that good pilots know will help reduce ground noise from their aircraft.

Jefferson County International Airport is adjacent to residential areas. Because of this, some residents are very sensitive to noise from aircraft. These recommended procedures are designed to reduce aircraft noise for the community while keeping visiting aircraft and their operators welcome. Pilots are requested to follow these procedures with respect for the local residents and for other pilots.

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT. It is understood that FAA rules, weather and safety considerations may at times require deviation from these procedures.


We at Jefferson County International Airport are dedicated to being good neighbors. Please help us by practicing the following recommended procedures.


General Aircraft – Utility Airport

  • AWOS Frequency: 119.025 MHz / AWOS Phone Number: (360) 379-1199
  • (Aircraft under 12,500 lbs.)
  • Establish traffic pattern 1,000 msl
  • Fly patterns on South side of field

Departures – Runway 27

  • Fly runway heading to golf course & 700′ msl before turns
  • Departures to South & East, left hand turn at golf course, extend crosswind leg until well South over Discovery Bay

Departures – Runway 09

  • Fly runway heading to 700′ msl, abreast of HIghway intersection before turns
  • Departures to West, extend crosswind turn to clear downwind traffic pattern, above pattern altitude, before turning West

Noise Abatement Procedures, Both Runways

  • On departures: Reduce power & change propeller pitch as soon as safety and performance permits
  • On approaches: Avoid long, low excess power
  • Remain at or above indicated glide slope on final approaches


  • Same procedures as fixed wing aircraft
  • Stay East of segmented circle – windsock on approach to helipad landing area
  • Do not over fly any aircraft on taxiways or parked aircraft

Air Services

Aerial Photography

Air Charters

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Owner and Pilot Resources

Aircraft Rentals

Airfield Restaurant

  • Spruce Goose Cafe — (360) 385-3185  (On site, 7:00 AM-4:00 PM daily)

Car Rental (Off field, located in town, advance reservation advised)

  • Gary’s Affordable Rentals — (360) 379-4739

FAA Flight Examinations


Flight Training

Fuel Service (100 LL)

  • Tailspin Tommy – (360) 385-6394 (click on link for current fuel prices)

Ground Taxi Services

  • Peninsula Taxi — (360) 385-1872

Hangar (Condominium Hangar) Contractors building at JCIA:


Scenic Flights

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