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Point Wilson Lighthouse at Fort Worden State Park

June 17th, 2014 by bluegullinn

Having had the opportunity to travel much of the United State by car. I believe that one of the best State Parks you will find anywhere in the United States is right here on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Townsend, WA. It is Fort Worden State Park. As you enter the park and turn right at the stop sign, you drive by many historic buildings. Keep driving down the hill, you will find the Marine Science Center and on the other side is a beautiful curved sandy beach. Kids swim in the water even though it is cold. In the summer time when the tide is out the sun warms the sand and as the tide comes back in it warms the water just a little.
As you take a walk down the beach, at the end you will find the Point Wilson Lighthouse, sometimes it is open for tours. Enjoy all that Fort Worden has to offer, Commanding Officers Quarter, Coast Artillery Museum, 2 Campgrounds, do not miss going through the old concrete bunkers. Fort Worden was built in 1902 to protect the entrance to Puget Sound. One of the best moments of Fort Worden was when it was transformed into a Navy base for the shooting of the movie Officer and a Gentlemen. You can still walk the lower bunker where Richard Geer walked and had to do push ups. Visit Port Townsend, Washington’s Victorian Seaport and Arts Community. Many great places to dine and come stay over night and really enjoy all that Port Townsend has to offer.

Fort Worden State Park

Fort Worden State Park

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