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An Olympic Peninsula Getaway

October 2nd, 2008 by john

Getaway to the Olympic Peninsula - home of glaciers and rainforests

Getaway to the Olympic Peninsula - home of glaciers and rainforests

The Olympic Peninsula is right across the water from Seattle, but most of the time, it feels much farther—at least for us living here. I don’t mean that we forget that we just need to take the ferry to get to the museum, or Trader Joe’s or nightclubs – but it is like living in a pristine park sometimes. The access to pure nature on the Olympic Peninsula is so readily available. There are countless trails leading in-between roads where folks have family farms, generations old. And all you have to do is walk a few yards – and whoosh! You are deep in the forest. The Olympic Peninsula affords us a existence intertwined with the life forces that govern this area. Go out to the ocean and see just how integral the tides and the forces of the Strait are to life here. Come and escape the hub-bub of the city on the incomparable Olympic Peninsula. The parks and wild areas all around will capture your attention and relieve your senses. Expect to see wildlife: deer, elk, fox and mountain goat if you head up into the Olympic Mountains. And they will probably want to observe you as much as you want to watch them. After all, we all live here on this far-out peninsula, with a connection to the land and the sea that is quickly diminishing in other areas of the country. Come and escape to the Olympic Peninsula. It is still wild and beautiful here – getaway from it all here in the Olympics.

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